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Trophy Hunting Obsession – Wicked Tough Hand Saw Review

Most hunters know how important a tree saw can be, especially bowhunters. Whether hunting from a tree stand or ground blind, it seems there are always a few branches or saplings that need cut to clear a walking path or shooting lane. A good tree saw can be hard to come by. I’ve used a few different ones over the years. With the abuse that a typical bowhunter puts on a tree saw, they never seem to last long. So when I saw the Wicked Tough Hand Saw, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Todd Pringnitz , president of White Knuckle Productions, Whitetails Inc, and Wicked Tree Gear has produced a saw that is specifically designed for hardcore hunters. I know from watching Todd’s videos, that he sets more tree stands in a season than most of us do in a lifetime. So if anyone would know how to design the perfect tree saw, it would be Todd without a doubt. This weekend I had the pleasure of using and testing the new Wicked Tough Hand Saw by Wicked Tree Gear. First Impressions My first impression was that it was one badass looking saw. I unfolded it to expose the super sharp teeth and started waving it around. My wife walked in the room and informed me that I was NOT Rambo and needed to put that thing away before I hurt someone. It was time to get serious, I was just hoping it would perform as well as it looked.

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Wired to Hunt – Wicked Tough Hand Saw Review

The Wicked Tough Hand Saw, I’ll call it the WTHS for short, is simple and I think that’s the real beauty of it. Todd Pringnitz, the designer of the WTHS and creator of White Knuckle Productions, took a common product used by hunters but made by non-hunters, and transformed it to fit our specific needs. At first glance, the saw is pretty neat. It weighs a cool 1/2 lb and feels solid but comfortable in the hand, it’s 14″ long when opened and just over 8″ when closed. The Wicked Saw has a cast aluminum handle, a hardened high carbon steel blade, a steel lock-pin to keep the blade in place, and a very comfortable molded rubber grip. What do all these features lead to? A simple, sturdy, sharp, light and comfortable saw that does it’s job.

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Ike’s Outdoors – Wicked Tough Hand Saw Review

As an avid bowhunter I have had the pleasure of experiencing that thrill and exhileration of discovering a new hunting area that shows tremendous sign and potential. However; as any bowhunter knows, hunting a new area usually means hours and hours of prep work during the summer months will be needed in order to get your new hunting spot ready for hunting season in the fall. This of course can be a daunting task especially when you think about the hellish 90+ degree temperatures, cuts, scratches, mosquitos feasting on what seems like every last drop of blood in your body, dense thick brush needing to be cleared and a whole heap of hard tiring work ahead of you. Any bowhunter that has ever had to do prep work on a new hunting spot will tell you that one of the most important and crucial tools is a good quality hand saw that will be able to rip through small branches, dense brush, and vines. Today I want to give youmy opinion about this hand saw as well as some detail about my experience with Wicked Tree Gears’ Wicked Tough Hand Saw in the field.

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Cutting Elk Leg Video

Rack Fan Addicts Video Review

For Hunters By Hunters – Wicked Tough Hand Saw Review

The Wicked Sharp blade is made from a heavy gauge .050″ thick high-carbon steel that has been specified based on its strength to hardness ratio. The Wicked Sharp blade is by far the toughest and most durable all-around blade that we’ve ever tested. Because the material is slightly thicker than most, it will not bend and break like most of the cheap blades on the market.

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New for 2011, the Wicked Tree Gear hand saw is great for bow hunters who demand the ultimate in performance from their equipment.
Featuring a cast aluminum handle and ultra-tough blade the Wicked tough hand saw can withstand just about anything you might throw at it.

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Trophy Hunting Obsession Review

The Wicked Tough Hand Saw is a folding, lightweight, compact saw that measures 8 1/4″ when closed and just over 14″ fully opened. It weighs a mere 1/2 pound due to the cast aluminum frame. The rubber grip is molded directly to the aluminum so it will never break like those cheap plastic handles and it’s backed by a limited lifetime guarantee. If you break the handle, they’ll replace it for free. With most saws, a weak area is the pivot pin and locking device. The Wicked Tough Saw uses all hardened steel components. I like the fact that the nuts on the back of the bolts are self-locking and aren’t going to loosen over time and fall off. The blade is certainly wicked sharp. It’s made of heavy gauge (.050″) high-carbon steel. Right away I noticed it was thicker than most tree saw blades that I’ve used, but yet it’s still amazingly flexible.

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Arrowtrade Magazine Review

The saw blade is made from impulse-hardened high-carbon steel and the overall design was inspired by the equipment used by professional arborists (sometimes known as tree sur- geons). The 7 inch long, .050 inch thick blade resists bending and binding while maximizing the cutting surface. Its deep tooth design is suitable for quickly cut- ting the various types of wood a bowhunter encounters. For safety and maximum perfor- mance the blade locks in both the open and closed positions eliminating cut fin- 108 gers from an open blade in your backpack or having a blade fold on your hand while making a cut

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Industry Reviews

“Seriously, this is one of the best hand saws I’ve ever used. Wicked, indeed. Made just the way I like my broadheads: Scary sharp! I used it on some hickory branches, sliced through them with ease. What I like best is the way this thing is built and how it locks. Very safe.”

- Dan Schmidt, Editor, Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine

“Over the last 3 days I’ve been clearing lanes, fighting the skeeters, black, and deer flies and I would say if your WICKED hand saw wasn’t as great as it is I would have chucked the effort until it’s cooler and the flies are gone. Bud; that’s an awesome saw…sharp and I love the stiffness of the blade. It does not flex or wobble period! I hate when a saw wobbles when cutting branches etc, but the wicked tough saw just solidly moves thru the job as well as the grip really sticks in your hand…it like if it locked into the palm of the hand, absolutely no slippage. A great saw guys!”

- Keith Correia, Golden Arrowhead Archery, Brampton, Ontario

The grip is very comfy, and the thing is rock solid. I think the thing I like best about the Wicked Tree Saw is using it for the old “grip and rip”, slashing down weeds, small twigs, etc. I don’t have to worry about busting it no matter how hard I swing, and it cuts through just about anything you can throw at it. My Wicked Tree Saw will be a fixture in my hunting pack from now on.

- Justin Zarr, Site Manager,

“I used the Wicked Saw this weekend putting up a stand…as expected, worked well!”

- Drew Pellman, Associate Editor, Petersen’s Bowhunting

“I personally consider myself a saw connoisseur. I have purchased just about every folding saw that has come out on the market over the last 10 years and have been disappointed until now. The Wicked Tough saw fits great in your hand, is lightweight, & cuts great. I even tried to break it but was unsuccessful. This saw uses a metal blade lock when it’s folded out, and it’s strength is awesome. I even used it as a machete to clear some paths and it held up great.”

- Todd Graf – President BowHunting.Com